A systems biology meeting about using cutting edge techniques from computer science. Talks will discuss a broad range of applications, including cancer biology, the design and refinement of experimental methods, and drug treatment strategies.

pathA fundamental feature of biological systems is the scale and complexity of the underlying networks. To understand this biocomplexity it will require the adoption of novel tools and concepts from computer science that allow the construction and analysis of models using techniques derived from the field of formal verification.

This meeting will bring together the community who are developing and applying formal methods in systems biology to discuss new advances in the field. The confirmed speakers come from fields of logical modelling, executable biology, and rule based models amongst others.

Extended early bird registration: register by 29th June for a discounted rate! Accommodation is also available through registration at a discounted rate.

This meeting is organised by Ben Hall (MRC Cancer Unit, University of Cambridge) on behalf of MGMS.

Sponsorship for the meeting comes from Microsoft.


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